Lawn Care Planning For 2019

Start Your Lawn Care Planning This Spring

Springtime is the perfect time to begin your Lawn Care Planning for the year. Spring brings more moderate weather with plenty of warmth and sunshine for growth, but not as much intense heat and UVs as the summer so now is the optimal time for planting. We have a roadmap throughout the seasons to help you determine how to create a plan. In this blog post, we are going to cover the lawn care planning of an entire calendar year.

Seasonal Flowerbeds & Mulch

Flowerbeds add curb appeal to your lawn and compliment any building or home. There are a variety of beautiful flowers to choose from that grow well in the Florida climate. Adding mulch to your flower and tree beds helps control water levels and secures against extreme temperatures adding protection as they grow.


Spring is the perfect time of year for laying sod. The ground temperature and moisture level is ideal for growth and will ensure the new grass takes hold and grows abundantly. You can still lay new sod in the hotter months but Spring is the best season for it. Sod can add brightness to your lawn and provide a comfortable place to sit on a breezy day.


Fertilizer is important during the spring. As the temperatures rise and growth accelerates, your landscape is going to need some food for optimal health. Lack of good fertilizing at the beginning of the year can prevent full and rich growth into the summer months, leaving your landscape looking a little thin and unloved. Fertilizer stimulates root growth and keeps your greenery strong enough to withstand the sweltering heat as well as the cooler months.

Sprinkler Calibration & Frequency

After planting and sod installation you always want to be sure your landscape has an adequate water supply and is being watered at the optimal times of day to prevent oversaturation or browning of grass. Having your irrigation system calibrated helps keep the proper amount of water on your lawn.

Enjoy The Fruits Of Your Lawn Care Planning

By summertime, you can enjoy all your hard work and preparation. Your flowers and grass are in full bloom. This is a good time to ensure that your irrigation system is working properly. Checking your system periodically through the year is recommended. With proper irrigation and maintenance, your flowerbeds and lawn will flourish even in the summer heat.

General Lawn Care

Don't let the weeds from your fresh planted flowerbeds get out of control this time of year. Regular lawn care is essential all year round but especially in the months with harsher weather conditions.  Plants and your lawn require some additional TLC during the hot months in Florida. Pulling dead weeds that grew unruly during the spring will help keep your greenery healthy and looking vibrant even in the dog days of summer. Don't let your grass wilt away in the heat.

Enjoy Fall Colors & Plan On Tidying Up

Fall brings beautiful colors and is the perfect time to trim your bushes, hedges, and trees. Trimming now will help them conserve energy during the harsher winter months and prepare them for new growth when the warmer months return. It is important to begin preparing for the colder temperatures at this time so that early cold snaps do not wreak havoc on your lawn. Mulch is vital in the fall to prepare your flower and tree beds for possible freezing temperatures.

Winterizing Palms

Palms are especially susceptible to colder temperatures and need a little more care than most other trees. Winterizing your palms will help ensure they are healthy and full of life as we move back into Spring and Summer. These tropical trees can still flourish and do well when taken care of properly in the colder months. Wrapping and mulching are vital for the tree's health in the cold months.

Leaf Cleanups

Keeping your lawn looking great also means keeping the leaves off your gorgeous green grass. Fall colors are beautiful when they are in the trees but they can leave a mess in your yard. Leaves that cover your grass will keep the grass from getting enough sunlight and retain too much moisture, causing it to wilt and become discolored. Keeping your yard raked will ensure lovely green grass as we move into our coldest season.

Seasonal Flowerbeds & Fall Planting

As colder temperatures set in, your spring flowerbeds may not look so happy and need some extra care. Now is the time to protect your perennials from the cold to ensure they return in the spring. Additional mulch and proper irrigation levels will keep these flower beds in good health for the coming winter months.

Prepare Your Landscape For Winter

Winterizing your landscape is necessary if you like to keep a healthy and well-maintained landscape. Understanding the needs of each tree, bush, and plant across your landscape during the winter is a must when planning winter lawn care. The lawn care given at this time of year will set the stage for new growth when the warmer months return.

Sprinkler Calibration

The characteristics of the soil and ground under your lawn change with the seasons. From the rate of evaporation to moisture retention and more, there are plenty of reasons to calibrate your sprinkler system according to the season, and winter is certainly no exception. You want to take care of all your irrigation needs especially when there is a chance of freezing temperatures.

Schedule Your Lawn Care Planning With Us

As you can see, proper planning can help your lawn and plants stay healthy year round. ScenicScape offers lawn care, sod installation, irrigation installation, and calibration and more. We are experts in Landscape Design and have state of the art technology that shows exactly what your lawn will look like when we finish the job. This way you can experience it visually before we get started. Remember that Spring is the best time to plant flowers and replace your old flower beds and tree beds with new mulch. Schedule a consultation with us, to start your Landscape Planning today.

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