Springtime Landscaping in Florida

It's a brand new year! Springtime is right around the corner, and ScenicScape would like to help you choose beautiful flowers to enjoy the rest of the year. This blog will discuss Planting Flowers for Springtime and a few popular flowers that grow the best in Florida. There are plenty of flowers to choose from in our sunny state. You can choose between native wildflowers or tropical flowers that do well in our climate. Now let's discuss some cool facts about a few types of flowers.


We will start with Florida's official state flower, Coreopsis. If you have been to our state parks in Northwestern Florida, chances are you've seen the Coreopsis flower. This daisy-shaped flower has beautiful colors. Coreopsis can be perennial or annual. Best planted in the Spring, the annuals will bloom by the summer of the same year, while the perennials begin blooming the second year. This flower is excellent for filling beds and is also suitable for lining borders. In addition, these flowers thrive in dry environments.


One of our favorite flowers is the Sunflower. These flowers can be planted in early Spring and have blooms by mid-spring. They bloom all summer long. If you choose the perennial variety, they return yearly without much upkeep. The germinating process takes a good amount of water, but once you have blooms, the need for watering becomes minimal. Did you know that sunflowers are heliotropic? Heliotropic means the flower turns to follow the movement of the Sun east to west and then returns to face the east to await another sunlight. The heliotropism continues until the Sunflower fully matures, when it remains facing east.

Canna Lilly

The Canna Lilly is a subtropical and tropical plant that has a beautiful flower when it blooms. They have vibrant colors of yellow, orange, and red. Early Spring (after all the frost chances are gone) is an excellent time to plant Canna. Canna are perennials in tropical climates. These plants will grow in a cooler climate but, in those cases, are annuals with only one seasonal bloom. Canna lilies are low maintenance and easy to grow in a lovely tropical location. Cannas like moist environments and do well in boggy areas.


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The flowers here are just a few of the hundreds that grow well in sunny Florida. No matter what you plant, flowers make a beautiful focal point of your landscaping. Please contact us if you would like some help with Springtime flower planting. Our crew can help you with all aspects of your lawn care and landscaping and will be happy to give you an estimate. If you enjoy reading our blogs, please get social with us on Facebook.