Spring Sod Installation And Landscape Design Featured Image

Planning Your Sod Success Story

When you go through the time and effort to have sod installed, you want to know it's going to turn out well and the result will be a beautiful, lush, green lawn the first time. There are some things property owners can do to help ensure the best results when having sod installed. You may already be prepared for a great outcome with your sod installation, but just in case, let's go over some of...Continue reading

Zoysia Sod

Advantages of Zoysia Sod

April showers bring May flowers and the perfect season for planning your sod projects. We've got some information we'd like to share about our recommendation for just that topic. We believe Zoysia sod is your best choice when it comes to having a lush, low-maintenance lawn. With multiple varieties, this warm-season grass is gaining popularity for its resilience, adaptability, and stunning aesthetics. Information tends to make our decisions for us, so we've compiled a list...Continue reading

Springtime Landscaping in Florida 02

Springtime Landscaping in Florida

It's a brand new year! Springtime is right around the corner, and ScenicScape would like to help you choose beautiful flowers to enjoy the rest of the year. This blog will discuss Planting Flowers for Springtime and a few popular flowers that grow the best in Florida. There are plenty of flowers to choose from in our sunny state. You can choose between native wildflowers or tropical flowers that do well in our climate. Now...Continue reading

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Best Landscaping In Florida – Regional Winners

ScenicScape recently won the 2022 "Best Landscaping In Florida" award. We want to take this time to thank God humbly and everyone who supported us, used our services, and took the time to vote for our company. Kevin's entire crew at ScenicScape Landscaping works all year tirelessly to provide Northwest Florida customers with the best lawn care and landscaping. The new year brings new opportunities, and we hope to continue serving you all through 2023....

Northwest Florida Landscapers Design Your Perfect Outdoor Area

Northwest Florida Landscapers Design Your Perfect Outdoor Area

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Our Northwest Florida Landscapers wish you and yours a very Happy Holiday Season. As we wrap up another year of serving Northwest Florida, we reflect on our work and are thankful for our crew and loyal customers. We hope to continue bringing our surrounding communities professional landscaping for many years. A huge thanks to the team at ScenicScape that keep us rolling and doing what we do...Continue reading

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Fall Yard Cleanup

ScenicScape offers year-round lawn care services, which include Fall Yard Cleanup. Right now is the perfect time to schedule our services. Some of our most destructive storms happen in the Fall, so we also offer Hurricane Cleanup. However, if you need yard cleanup any time of the year, ScenicScape has you covered. Caring for your lawn doesn't have to be a chore you tackle alone. Our Fall Yard Cleanup involves raking, edging, clipping, mulching, mowing,...Continue reading

Landscaping and Lawn Care Planning

Landscaping and Lawn Care Planning

ScenicScape is happy to serve the Gulf Coast Area of Northwest Florida. It is time to schedule your lawn clean-up and decide on your annual landscaping and lawn care plan. Today we want to talk to you about your annual landscaping plan. To keep property with healthy grass, plants, and flowerbeds, you need a team who will pay extra care. Spring is on the way, and that means it is time for yard cleaning, planting,...Continue reading

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Lawn Clean-Up Summer Landscaping Services

Summertime is almost here, and we are offering Lawn Clean-Up Services. The stormy Spring weather left some properties needing extra tender loving care. ScenicScape is the expert landscaping company in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas to get the job done. May is a great month to get your Lawn Clean Up and prepare your yard for the hot Summer months. Our clean-up services cover your specific needs. If you have dead bushes and flowerbeds...Continue reading

Springtime Landscaping and Lawn Care - Yard Of The Month Featured Image

Springtime Landscaping and Lawn Care – Yard of the Month

ScenicScape Landscaping and Lawn Care have been working for over a decade to maintain quality lawns for our customers. 2020 was an unusual one and, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is being affected by Covid. We all hope that we can be close to our families and friends soon. We are excited to share that one of our Mary Esther customers won Yard of the Month. Check out our pictures on this...Continue reading

Storm Clean-Up During Hurricane Season Featured Image

Storm Clean-Up During Hurricane Season

ScenicScape is not just a lawn restoration company; we are also there when you need us the most for Storm Clean Up. During hurricane season, Florida can occur damage from multiple significant storm systems, and this leads to a mess in your yard. You do not need to worry about the mess outside; we will do the work for you. Our storm clean-up includes lawn clearing brush, debris, branches, plants, and removal of limbs. We...Continue reading

Springtime Flower Planting - Leave It To Us Featured Image

Springtime Flower Planting – Leave It To Us

It won't be too much longer, and we will finally have some warm sunny days. Now is the perfect time to start planning for your Springtime Flower Planting. Our professional Landscaping crew can give you a beautiful flower garden and lawn to enjoy with any effort from you. We have the best Landscapers and are confident that your lawn will flourish under their care. If you are unsure what plants you want for your Springtime...Continue reading

Landscaping Services In Okaloosa County

Landscaping Services in Okaloosa County

Entering the new year, we look forward to doing work as efficiently as possible while serving you with the best Landscaping Services. Your grass and flora and fauna go through a transition period from season to season. We are rapidly approaching the Spring months, and now is the time to prepare your lawn for a cleanup and planting. Spring is also the time where new growth takes place, and we want to help you. Even...Continue reading