Irrigation System Calibration For Summer 2019 Featured Image

Irrigation System Calibration for Summer 2019

Summertime is quickly approaching. It is the perfect time for your Water Irrigation System Calibration. In our most recent blogs, we have been discussing the importance of planning your lawn care. Your lawn, plants, bushes, flowers, and even trees all have varying irrigation needs in the Summer. These needs change with the seasons. Properly irrigating your lawn involves more than just watering it with a water hose daily. A lot of people make the mistake...Continue reading

Spring Sod Installation And Landscape Design Featured Image

Spring Sod Installation and Landscape Design

Sod Installation can add a nice touch to any landscape. This is the ideal time of year to schedule your Spring Sod Installation while the terrain is still a little cool.  We want to remark that it is okay to have sod installation done during the Summer months. During the warmer months, the sod requires more water usage and will need more care and attention. With that being said, Spring and Fall are the optimal...Continue reading

Lawn Design And Springtime Planting Featured Image

Lawn Design And Springtime Planting

Springtime is the best time of year for Lawn Design and Planting. Our state of the art and modern landscape design software will help you get a visual of your lawn design before we do the work. We upload a picture of your lawn and then add your selections for flowers, flower beds, sod, and more to give you the perfect picture of what your lawn design will look like when we complete the job.Continue reading

Lawn Care Planning For 2019 Featured Image

Lawn Care Planning For 2019

Springtime is the perfect time to begin your Lawn Care Planning for the year. Spring brings more moderate weather with plenty of warmth and sunshine for growth, but not as much intense heat and UVs as the summer so now is the optimal time for planting. We have a roadmap throughout the seasons to help you determine how to create a plan. In this blog post, we are going to cover the lawn care planning...Continue reading

Lawn Care And Landscaping Tips From ScenicScape featured image

Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips from ScenicScape

As the season changes and the cooler weather sets in, some foliage requires extra attention and protecting against hard freezes is a major issue. This ensures your greenery continues to flourish and new growth comes back in the Spring. Our recent blog series, Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips, can help you determine what your lawn needs when you need the help of our professional team. In upcoming blogs, we will continue to discuss seasonal tips...Continue reading

End Of Summer Lawn Care and Lawn Design Featured Image

End of Summer Lawn Care and Lawn Design

Is your Lawn looking a little under the weather? Maybe dying in some spots or even overgrown and in need of a trimming? Chances are your lawn is not getting enough TLC such as sunshine, shade, water, or nutrients that it needs to flourish during the hot days of Summer. ScenicScape is beating the heat to take care of your summer lawn care needs and lawn design. We love living in Paradise, but don't underestimate...Continue reading

Schedule Your Sod Installation With Our Lawn Care Experts Featured Image

Schedule Your Sod Installation

It's finally Springtime and the flowers and trees are blooming beautifully. Everywhere we look we see new growth and greenery. Now is the perfect time to plan your Sod Installation with our ScenicScape Lawn Care experts. Maybe your grass was not properly maintained over the colder seasons and needs to be replaced. Or like many, your yard has a lot of sand and dirt without much greenery. Whatever the case may be, Laying Sod is...Continue reading

2017 Holiday Lawn Care Tips - Featured Image

2017 Holiday Lawn Care Tips

Do you consider your lawn care when planning your holiday decorations? Just in case you haven't, we want to provide some useful lawn care tips for maintaining your beautiful lawn through the holidays. This is especially important due to the time of year and the typical landscape conditions around this season. Your lawn doesn't do a lot of growing during the colder months, so repairing damage to your lawn can take a bit longer and...Continue reading

Winter Lawn Care & Maintenance 2017 - Featured Image

Winter Lawn Care & Maintenance 2017

It's that time of year again. Time for winter lawn care and maintenance. Family gatherings and ground freezes are all just around the corner. This is the time of year to clean some things up and get your lawn looking great, making way for holiday decorations. Not to mention taking preventative maintenance to avoid added costs and prevent accidents. During the winter months, the amount of water that your lawn requires is very different. It's...Continue reading

Landscape Cleanup After The Storm - Featured Image

Landscape Cleanup After the Storm

Is Tropical Storm Cindy wrecking your landscape? ScenicScape will be available after the storm clears to help you get your lawn and landscape under control. Contact us and let us clean up after the storm so you can get back to enjoying your summer in Paradise. We strongly urge you to stay clear of any water or trees that are in contact with downed power lines. If you see power lines down, call your power...Continue reading

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You Really Can Afford Lawn Care Service

This is quickly becoming one of the busiest summers in several years and we suspect you might need a little help with your lawn. Whether you're a server at one of our local dining establishments or manage a resort, you're going to be busy this summer and our lawn care service is more affordable than you might think. ScenicScape is owned and operated by Kevin Lynn. Kevin is a true local that has been perfecting...Continue reading

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Springtime 2017 – Time for New Grass

The temperatures are going up from here on through the summer months so it's out with the cold weather and in with vibrant colors and lush landscapes. Also, if you're ready for new grass, this is the perfect time of year and we've got some great deals on Zoysia. Kevin recently posted some before and after pictures on Facebook from a customer's home where the team laid 8 pallets of new Zoysia grass. They also...Continue reading

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