Advantages of Zoysia Sod

April showers bring May flowers and the perfect season for planning your sod projects. We've got some information we'd like to share about our recommendation for just that topic. We believe Zoysia sod is your best choice when it comes to having a lush, low-maintenance lawn. With multiple varieties, this warm-season grass is gaining popularity for its resilience, adaptability, and stunning aesthetics. Information tends to make our decisions for us, so we've compiled a list of areas where Zoysia stands above other grass options.

The Zoysia Advantage

Here are the reasons we recommend Zoysia for your next sod project.


Say goodbye to relentless mowing! Zoysia grows slowly and requires less frequent mowing than other turfgrasses. This translates to less time spent on yard work and more enjoying your beautiful lawn.


Zoysia forms a dense, wear-resistant carpet, which is perfect for high-traffic areas like playgrounds, sports fields, and busy family lawns.

Drought Tolerance

Zoysia shines in hot, sunny regions. Its deep root system allows it to extract moisture efficiently, making it ideal for areas with water restrictions or frequent dry spells.

Shade Tolerance

While Zoysia thrives in full sun, it also tolerates some shade, offering more flexibility for your landscaping design.

Winter Dormancy

Zoysia goes dormant in cooler temperatures, turning brown. This is natural, and the green color will return with warmer weather.


Zoysia sod establishes slower than some grasses. Be patient during the rooting phase and moisten the soil for optimal results.

Plan You Next Sod Project with Zoysia

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