Springtime Flower Planting - Leave It To Us Featured Image

Springtime Flower Planting – Leave It To Us

It won't be too much longer, and we will finally have some warm sunny days. Now is the perfect time to start planning for your Springtime Flower Planting. Our professional Landscaping crew can give you a beautiful flower garden and lawn to enjoy with any effort from you. We have the best Landscapers and are confident that your lawn will flourish under their care. If you are unsure what plants you want for your Springtime...Continue reading

End Of Summer Lawn Care and Lawn Design Featured Image

End of Summer Lawn Care and Lawn Design

Is your Lawn looking a little under the weather? Maybe dying in some spots or even overgrown and in need of a trimming? Chances are your lawn is not getting enough TLC such as sunshine, shade, water, or nutrients that it needs to flourish during the hot days of Summer. ScenicScape is beating the heat to take care of your summer lawn care needs and lawn design. We love living in Paradise, but don't underestimate...Continue reading

ScenicScape Landscaping, Lawn Care, and Irrigation - Featured Image for The Sabal Palm

The Sabal Palm

The Sabal Palm is one of my favorite parts of our local landscape.  You may already know that the Florida state tree is the Sabal Palm, but did you know this tree has roots in our country's history? The Sabal Palm was used to build a fort to fight against the British in the Revolutionary War. It's also known as the cabbage palm, and the cabbage-like buds from this palm can actually be eaten! This...Continue reading