The Sabal Palm

The Sabal Palm is one of my favorite parts of our local landscape.  You may already know that the Florida state tree is the Sabal Palm, but did you know this tree has roots in our country's history? The Sabal Palm was used to build a fort to fight against the British in the Revolutionary War. It's also known as the cabbage palm, and the cabbage-like buds from this palm can actually be eaten!

Caring for Your Sabal

This Palm tree is also a hearty variety. It can live pretty comfortably with little effort, provided it has a healthy start. It is tolerant of cool weather as well as sea spray. The Sabal is resistant to coastal area flooding, high winds and usually fairs well in storms. Annual trimming is a key player in the health of Sable Palms. Trimming too little or too much can burden your Palm tree and leave it vulnerable to other factors.

Pruning Your Palms

Trimming too close to the winter months is not ideal. July and August are the perfect months of the year to make an appointment and have your Sabals trimmed and ready for the coming season. Pruning will keep your Sabal looking beautiful all year long. Do not prune the fronds if they are unbroken and yellowish or light brown. Trimming too much can also leave your palm vulnerable to the changing elements.

We can't wait to help you beautify your Sabal palm trees and your entire landscape. Our experienced lawn care specialists at ScenicScape offer a variety of lawn care services all year long. We are here to assist you with all of your irrigation system needs, tree services, lawn care maintenance, planting, and many other landscaping needs. We will work together to maintain your beautiful lawn and keep your plants, foliage, and trees healthy.