Landscaping and Lawn Care Planning

Landscaping and Lawn Care Planning

ScenicScape is happy to serve the Gulf Coast Area of Northwest Florida. It is time to schedule your lawn clean-up and decide on your annual landscaping and lawn care plan. Today we want to talk to you about your annual landscaping plan. To keep property with healthy grass, plants, and flowerbeds, you need a team who will pay extra care. Spring is on the way, and that means it is time for yard cleaning, planting,...Continue reading

Lawn Clean-Up Summer Landscaping Services Featured Image

Lawn Clean-Up Summer Landscaping Services

Summertime is almost here, and we are offering Lawn Clean-Up Services. The stormy Spring weather left some properties needing extra tender loving care. ScenicScape is the expert landscaping company in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas to get the job done. May is a great month to get your Lawn Clean Up and prepare your yard for the hot Summer months. Our clean-up services cover your specific needs. If you have dead bushes and flowerbeds...Continue reading

Springtime Landscaping and Lawn Care - Yard Of The Month Featured Image

Springtime Landscaping and Lawn Care – Yard of the Month

ScenicScape Landscaping and Lawn Care have been working for over a decade to maintain quality lawns for our customers. 2020 was an unusual one and, our thoughts and prayers are with everyone who is being affected by Covid. We all hope that we can be close to our families and friends soon. We are excited to share that one of our Mary Esther customers won Yard of the Month. Check out our pictures on this...Continue reading

Storm Clean-Up During Hurricane Season Featured Image

Storm Clean-Up During Hurricane Season

ScenicScape is not just a lawn restoration company; we are also there when you need us the most for Storm Clean Up. During hurricane season, Florida can occur damage from multiple significant storm systems, and this leads to a mess in your yard. You do not need to worry about the mess outside; we will do the work for you. Our storm clean-up includes lawn clearing brush, debris, branches, plants, and removal of limbs. We...Continue reading

Springtime Flower Planting - Leave It To Us Featured Image

Springtime Flower Planting – Leave It To Us

It won't be too much longer, and we will finally have some warm sunny days. Now is the perfect time to start planning for your Springtime Flower Planting. Our professional Landscaping crew can give you a beautiful flower garden and lawn to enjoy with any effort from you. We have the best Landscapers and are confident that your lawn will flourish under their care. If you are unsure what plants you want for your Springtime...Continue reading

Landscaping Services In Okaloosa County

Landscaping Services in Okaloosa County

Entering the new year, we look forward to doing work as efficiently as possible while serving you with the best Landscaping Services. Your grass and flora and fauna go through a transition period from season to season. We are rapidly approaching the Spring months, and now is the time to prepare your lawn for a cleanup and planting. Spring is also the time where new growth takes place, and we want to help you. Even...Continue reading

Our Professional Landscapers Wish You A Merry Christmas

Our Professional Landscapers Wish You a Merry Christmas

ScenicScape Professional Landscapers wish you and yours a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. After another successful year, we are taking the time to give thanks for our blessings. Our customers make doing what we love a happy occasion every time we see how much you are enjoying your lawn. We are moving into a new decade and are looking forward to a lot of exciting things in the new year. This past year...Continue reading

Our Landscaping Company Thanks You

Our Landscaping Company Thanks You

Happy Thanksgiving from the entire crew at ScenicScape Landscaping. Our Local Landscaping Company provides service in Fort Walton Beach and surrounding areas. We want to thank everyone for your business throughout the year. We hope to continue to serve you in the new year and for many years to come. Our services include Lawn Care, Planting and Mulch, Landscaping Design and Upkeep, Sod Installation as well as Irrigation Calibration, and more. Schedule an initial consultation...Continue reading

Fall Flower Beds and Perennial Planting

Fall Flower Beds and Perennial Planting

Now is the perfect time of year to plant your new Fall Flower Beds. Fall Flower Beds include any perennials that you want to grow. Perennials come back year after year, so proper planting and care are essential for a long lifespan. Planting in the Fall ensures blooming for Spring and Summer seasons. Don't assume because it is closer to the cold months that the weather is not optimal for new plants; in Florida, it...Continue reading

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Leaf Cleanup and Mulching – Seasonal Lawn Care

As summer draws to a close, your lawn needs some tender loving care. We offer seasonal services such as leaf cleanup and tending to your fall flowerbeds. We also calibrate your irrigation system to match the changing season. ScenicScape Landscaping offers a variety of Seasonal Lawn Care Services to help your lawn stay in optimal health and looking good all year long. With routine visits from your Landscaping experts, you never have to worry about...Continue reading

Your Summer Flower Beds Need Extra Attention Featured Image

Your Summer Flower Beds Need Extra Attention

As most of the nation experiences an extreme heatwave, your Summer Flower Beds need some additional tender loving care. Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Services help your lawn and flower beds stay plush even in the dog days of Summer. Caring for your property can be a gigantic task when it is humid and hot outside. Having a team of Lawn Care experts can help lighten your load. Read on to learn about caring for...Continue reading

Landscape Designs For Summertime Entertainment

Landscape Designs for Summertime Entertainment

Are you someone who enjoys hosting summer parties but your yard is looking a little drab? Our specialty is Landscape Designs, and we are ready to give your property some aesthetic appeal just in time for your barbeque and pool parties. If your yard has become less of a respite and more of an eyesore, a new Landscape Design is just what you need. It is not unusual for someone to become bored with their...Continue reading

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