Lawn Care & Maintenance

Scheduled Lawn Care

What exactly is lawn care maintenance? Routine maintenance consists of lawn mowing, weed eating, trimming, edging, and raking. We outline your most current needs with ongoing maintenance suggestions and costs. We also provide evaluations and recommend a maintenance schedule for your lawn and irrigation system.

You could call on an as-needed basis for these services, but we suggest biweekly or monthly services to maintain your yard's health. We find that it is easier to keep a plush yard if you schedule routine lawn care maintenance services.


Residential & Commercial Properties

ScenicScape offers lawn care and maintenance services for commercial properties and residential properties. If you are a commercial property or business manager or owner, we want to hear from you! Our routine maintenance services include mowing and hedge trimming and edging. We also provide additional maintenance for mulch beds, fertilization solutions, and ongoing support to keep your lawn healthy and green.

At ScenicScape, our work and words mean everything, and we take our jobs very seriously. We take pride in making you smile because you know your lawn will always be beautiful and effortless. Our team comprises experienced and dedicated lawn care professionals who love what they do, and it shows.

Lawn Care Professionals

Our skilled team of professionals has spent the last two decades providing top professional Lawn Care in Destin, Fort Walton Beach, and surrounding areas in Northwest Florida. We have mastered the art of proper Landscape Design, Lawn Care, and Maintenance. Our team would love to share our expert advice with you. If you are ready to get your lawn care in order, call us today for a free estimate. Let us create your perfect landscape and take away the hassle of doing your lawn care and maintenance.