Irrigation Systems

Water is vital to plants and flower gardens, so irrigation systems are equally vital. Living in or around the Gulf Coast, the weather can be somewhat unpredictable. We can go months without rain or have a shower daily for weeks. Having the proper amount of water can determine the health and success of your greenery and plant life. In Sunny, Northwest Florida it is very easy to kill your grass and flower beds with low water levels. Having an irrigation system and proper drainage can take the guesswork out of how much or how little hydration your lawn is receiving.

Your irrigation system is also an important part of your landscape design and curb appeal. Your irrigation system will help you grow a gorgeous flower bed and will leave your green grass looking lush and inviting. For any new construction, you will want to consider where your water lines will be run and your system's location on your property before you begin deciding the location of new plant life. Our team of professionals can help you make the best decision for your lawn and water levels.

Irrigation Systems By Lawn Care & Landscaping Experts

Your irrigation system is absolutely essential to maintaining a beautiful lawn. If you're a disgruntled owner of a non-functioning irrigation system or planning new construction, now is the time to call our expert lawn and irrigation system specialists. ScenicScape, owned and operated by Mr. Kevin Lynn is one of the fastest growing landscaping companies in our area for a reason. We offer quality work at affordable prices.  There is simply no substitute for the drive and experience that ScenicScape delivers, every time.

We Install Quality Irrigation Systems

Our team of irrigation professionals has been installing irrigation systems for over 20 years in Fort Walton Beach, Destin, and surrounding areas. We know the ins and outs of proper installation, thorough water coverage, watering levels, calibrating your irrigation system as well as winterizing and much more. We ensure you get the best in installation and top performance in every product and service we offer. Trust the professionals at ScenicScape Landscaping for your next irrigation system upgrade or installation project, and let us meet with you personally to discuss your outdoor living area needs and expectations.

Having a properly calibrated irrigation system will conserve water! Think about how much water is wasted when you water your lawn with a water hose. An irrigation system can help you get just the right amount of water you need, no more, no less. With a properly designed landscape, you can also ensure that your additional water from rainfall is being used effectively and draining properly. Drainage and water levels are two ways you can ensure your plants are able to reach optimum growth with no hassle.

We Repair Irrigation Systems

If you have broken sprinkler heads or busted pipes, we've got you covered. In addition to installation, our irrigation system team provides repair services to residential and commercial properties, using only professional grade replacement components. ScenicScape also provides repair and replacement of water pumps. However, the best way to prevent the need for repair is to schedule regular inspections and follow up with recommended maintenance. We are always available for estimates when you are ready to get started.

One of the benefits of regularly scheduled lawn and irrigation maintenance is having experienced professionals looking over every aspect of your lawn and landscape. This includes your irrigation system. Our experts will alert you to any repairs or issues right away so that problems are identified quickly and before any problems become costly. Even a small break in a line can cost hundreds of dollars by the time anyone notices. When you have ScenicScape on the job, we regularly maintain your irrigation system so you don't have to worry about unexpected costs and repair!

Regular Maintenance

Schedule regular maintenance with your team of ScenicScape lawn care and irrigation professionals. We are always ready to serve you and help you maintain a beautiful outdoor living space. Furthermore, regular irrigation system maintenance will ensure proper calibration and water usage, no matter what the season. Our winterizing services will also prevent broken lines and malfunctioning sprinklers that lead to giant water bills and avoidable problems. Schedule seasonal calibration for your irrigation system so your lawn always gets the right amount of water at the right time of day.

We can't wait to bring life and beauty to your lawn and outdoor spaces. ScenicScape is a full-service lawn care and landscape design company. Our services vary from lawn care to irrigation systems and we work year round to help you maintain a beautiful lawn, no matter what season. For more information on the services we offer, please take a moment to check out our other service pages, too. We provide routine lawn care, landscape design, and general landscaping services. We also offer free estimates to customers so you will know the cost before we do the job! Our work is backed by a host of satisfied customers and beautiful lawns we have helped designed and lawn care we take pride in. Check out some of our projects in our pictures gallery.

Contact us today to schedule an appointment with one of our lawn care professionals to begin your landscape design, install your irrigation system or to mow your overgrown grass. We will take the hassle out of yard work and leave you with the satisfaction of it being done properly and beautifully every time.