Washingtonian Palms

It's time to get ready for the season and we know you need your grounds to look their absolute best. In this blog post, we want to talk about the Washingtonian palm. This info is great for anyone thinking about adding palm trees to their landscape, or anyone that just wants to know more about our native palms.

The Washingtonian Palm

The Washingtonian Palm Tree is also known as the Mexican Fan Palm. This particular palm can reach a height of over 100 feet and is known for its rapid growth and is one of the tallest palms in the world. Furthermore, it thrives in large, very open areas. It's not recommended for small spaces and yards. You can frequently find these trees lining many of our freeways and parking lots here in Florida. It is one of the most popular for use in local landscaping. This palm is also seen in places such as California and Hawaii.

How Do I Care for the Washingtonian Palm?

This palm can grow in practically any type of soil with the exception of extremely saturated ones; however, care for these trees can be very tedious. While these palms like less humid climates than we have in Florida, they do grow well in our area. The amount of shade, breeze, watering and plant location are very crucial to maintaining this healthy palm.

Let Us Care for Your Landscape

To summarize, these palms are definitely one of majesty considering their towering height. Thes palms look great with homes that have two or more floors, and this is especially true if they are to be part of your lawn's landscaping. Having this size palm around a small building will not have the same aesthetic appeal. In conclusion, it is important to remember that the trunks are large therefore you will need plenty of space. In favorable conditions, this palm can easily keep its healthy state. The lawn care crew at ScenicScape are here to help with all of your planting, maintaining and landscaping needs.