End of Summer Lawn Care and Lawn Design

Is your Lawn looking a little under the weather? Maybe dying in some spots or even overgrown and in need of a trimming? Chances are your lawn is not getting enough TLC such as sunshine, shade, water, or nutrients that it needs to flourish during the hot days of Summer. ScenicScape is beating the heat to take care of your summer lawn care needs and lawn design. We love living in Paradise, but don't underestimate the summer sun! We understand it's a scorcher out there this time of year! Think of the relief you seek from water or shade, your lawn, as well needs some tender loving care during this time of year. Whether your lawn is needing nutrients, more or less sun, more or less shade we can help with all your lawn care needs!

Designing Your Lawn

If you have brand new construction, you probably have an idea of what you would like your new lawn design to be, but with our Expert Lawn Designers and Landscapers at your side, together we can make your yard the best in the neighborhood! We use cutting-edge technology to design a well manicured, plush and vibrant lawn.

Sod Installation

Is your home brand new? Or maybe you've had a sandy lot for a long time and are ready to add some plush grass. Now is the perfect time to install Sod. There are many types of Sod you can add to your lawn, for example, the local favorites, such as Bermuda, Zoysia, St. Augustine or even Centipede grass. Let us transform your dirt lot into a beautiful, lush and green yard you and the visitors can enjoy right away. Read more about Our Sod Installation Services in our previous blog.

Schedule Your Summer Lawn Care

Contact us and we can get your lawn thriving again! Mowing your lawn is like shaving, no one wants to do it but once it's done it looks a feels so nice! Let us be the ones to beat the heat for you and get your lawn looking spectacular this summer! Contact Us to schedule your End of Summer Lawn Care and Land Design.

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Below are some of our Before and After Pictures of our Lawn Care and Lawn Designs. Give us a call today for a free estimate.