Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips from ScenicScape

As the season changes and the cooler weather sets in, some foliage requires extra attention and protecting against hard freezes is a major issue. This ensures your greenery continues to flourish and new growth comes back in the Spring. Our recent blog series, Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips, can help you determine what your lawn needs when you need the help of our professional team. In upcoming blogs, we will continue to discuss seasonal tips as well as information planting sod, facts about irrigation and much more.

Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Tips

Winter in Paradise isn't so bad but for a usually tropical climate, the plants and grass go through environmental changes. It is good to plan when it comes to protecting your flower and tree beds. It only takes one hard freeze to really take a toll on your lawn. There are two main types of mulch to choose between and those are rock and bark mulch. Both types have their own aesthetic appeal, but which one is better for your Lawn Care and Landscaping?

Rock Mulch Vs Bark Mulch

Keep in mind when you are placing mulch near a building or any structure, rock mulch is the preferable choice. This is because the rocks are fire resistant and will also keep more bugs and pests away than their bark counterpart. You will want to use rocks around any type of heat resistant bushes, shrubs, and trees for the cooler months for protection against a hard freeze.

Rock mulch is great for keeping weeds out, unlike bark mulch that needs weeding regularly. The rock lasts a long time as a cover to your flower beds and tree beds whereas bark mulch will need regular maintenance such as spreading and replacing periodically. Once placed, rock does not require additional tending. Rocks have more upfront costs but because they do not need to be replaced as often as bark mulch, the long-term cost is much lower.

Bark Mulch comes in a variety of colors, but rock mulch can be any type of decorative rock, including limestone, quartz, concrete and much more. Heavy rocks are more wind and water resistant than bark mulch and can withstand heavier storms. When considering temperatures for your plants and trees, bark mulch may be a better choice. This is due to the rock mulch absorbing more heat than necessary in some cases. Temperatures, soil PH, irrigation and maintenance are all factors you will need to consider when determining which type of mulch, you would like to use.

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