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Redesigning Your Lawn

It's finally Springtime and the flowers and trees are blooming beautifully. Everywhere we look we see new growth and greenery. Now is the perfect time to plan your Sod Installation with our ScenicScape Lawn Care experts.

Maybe your grass was not properly maintained over the colder seasons and needs to be replaced. Or like many, your yard has a lot of sand and dirt without much greenery. Whatever the case may be, Laying Sod is a great way to spruce up your lawn and add some great curb appeal to your home's overall aesthetics. Our friendly lawn care experts can have your sod installed in a matter of hours. This means you can enjoy the beauty of your "new" lawn immediately.

Let Us Do the Work for You

Many people attempt to lay their own Sod only to discover that the Sod Installation did not go as planned and the grass does not grow properly. This is due to all the dos and don'ts of laying Sod. There is specific lawn preparation that needs to take place before laying Sod. There's also a very specific way to lay the Sod as well as aftercare your new grass will need. All these factors are vital to your Sod growing successfully.

Schedule Your Estimate

Early Spring is the perfect time to schedule your Lawn Care and Sod Installation. Our lawn care experts guarantee that your Sod Installation produces great results, and we will provide you with the before and aftercare as well as helpful advice ensuring your lawn receives professional care. Contact Us today to receive a free consultation and quote from our Lawn Care Specialists. We look forward to hearing from you.