2017 Holiday Lawn Care Tips

Do you consider your lawn care when planning your holiday decorations? Just in case you haven't, we want to provide some useful lawn care tips for maintaining your beautiful lawn through the holidays. This is especially important due to the time of year and the typical landscape conditions around this season.

Winter Lawn Care Tips

Your lawn doesn't do a lot of growing during the colder months, so repairing damage to your lawn can take a bit longer and increase the chances of dead patches. Let's get into some seasonally relevant lawn care tips. We'll cover lawn care tips for warmer months in a blog post within the first quarter of 2018.

Holiday Lawn Decorations

Large lawn decorations can cause flattening of grass, extra moisture retention, and block sunlight from reaching the grass. This isn't so important if it's only for a brief period, but more than a few weeks can make a noticeable difference.

When placing large inflatables or anything that requires ground stakes, be careful not to puncture irrigation lines. If you are unsure of where your irrigation lines run under the ground, please contact us so we can help you identify hazard areas.

Sprinklers are another thing to look out for. Be sure that lawn decorations don't cover sprinklers if your irrigation system is still active. This is also a great time to consult with us about calibrating your irrigation system, at which time we can go over any detailed questions about this aspect of your lawn and holiday decorations.

Holiday Lighting

Rooftops with debris are likely to encounter issues if you hang lights before clearing your rooftop. This could create a fire hazard, so this is important to consider.

Since a lot of people are likely to drive around over the holidays to see all of the houses lit up at night, it should be obvious that we think you should schedule a visit with us to make your yard as beautiful as possible before putting in all the hard work of hanging lighting and other decorations.

Thinking About the New Year

Looking even further into the year, we are coming up on New Year celebrations. 2018 will certainly open with a lot of fireworks and potential for fires. Scheduling a lawn care visit with us will leave your yard looking great, but also free of leaves and other combustible debris, reducing any potential fire hazards.

Schedule Your December Lawn Care

Let us help you make your holidays even easier and more worry-free.  You can find our number at the top of our website or check out our contact page. We look forward to hearing from you and wish you and your family a very Happy Holiday Season. Thanks for reading and thank you for considering ScenicScape for all of your lawn care and landscaping needs.