Fall Flower Beds and Perennial Planting

Now is the perfect time of year to plant your new Fall Flower Beds. Fall Flower Beds include any perennials that you want to grow. Perennials come back year after year, so proper planting and care are essential for a long lifespan. Planting in the Fall ensures blooming for Spring and Summer seasons. Don't assume because it is closer to the cold months that the weather is not optimal for new plants; in Florida, it is!

Designing Fall Flower Beds

Is your lawn ready for  some improvements? Maybe we recently laid sod and you are ready to plant some flower beds? Our state of the art Landscaping Technology Software will give you a visual of your existing lawn, and your future garden after everything is blooming. Seeing the aesthetic changes before planting happens can help you make decisions on the types of Fall Flower Beds you want. Don't wait too long to start your Fall Flower Bed planning. If you act now, your flowers will bloom more rapidly in the Spring.

Planting Perrenials

The reason Fall is better to plant flower beds than Spring is simple. The ground is still hot in October. In the Springtime, the earth is still warming and can be very cold on the root system of foliage. Colder ground temperatures are not ideal for planting Perrenials. Why plant annuals when your flowers can return year after year, saving you tons of money? The best thing about Fall Perrenials? You can buy them blooming and enjoy them right away.  When planting in Autumn, there is less weed competition because this is the time of year that grass, plants, and some trees are dormant.

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