Your Summer Flower Beds Need Extra Attention

As most of the nation experiences an extreme heatwave, your Summer Flower Beds need some additional tender loving care. Our Lawn Care and Landscaping Services help your lawn and flower beds stay plush even in the dog days of Summer. Caring for your property can be a gigantic task when it is humid and hot outside. Having a team of Lawn Care experts can help lighten your load. Read on to learn about caring for a flower garden.

Caring For Summer Flower Beds

Your annuals need cutting to continue to bloom properly, so cutting a Summer bouquet to decorate your home has more than aesthetic benefits. Cutting them will cause the flowers to produce more blooms so they can provide seeds. Perrenials also need to be cut, so they do not take over your flower beds when they begin producing seeds. It is also an excellent time to add fertilizer to your flower beds.

Irrigating your Summer Flower Beds is essential in the Florida heat. Keep in mind that your Flower Beds need at least an inch of water to continue blooming. Routine inspection for diseases can save your entire flower garden. Your flower beds also need regular weeding and eventually new, fresh mulch. You can save a lot of time and energy by hiring our Lawn Care professionals.

Schedule Your Lawn Care and Landscaping

Don't let your lawn suffer from the sweltering heat. Let us do the dirty work for you. In our blog series, we have been discussing year-long tree care. In our upcoming blog, we will discuss our Fall Seasonal Services. If you are ready to schedule care for your Summer Flower Beds, Contact Us. Like and follow us on Facebook to stay up to date on our latest blogs and Tree Care Tips.