Your 2017 Lawn Care Plan

ScenicScape would like to welcome you to 2017 with a reminder to start thinking about your yearly lawn care plan. Right now is the best time to schedule a consultation with one of our lawn care professionals.  Your lawn will soon begin coming back to life and if you're ready, your lawn will grow healthy and beautifully throughout the warmer season.

A Lawn Care Plan for All Seasons

When developing seasonal and annual planning, it's important to think about your overall landscape long-term. Planning for seasons, as well as planning projects over the span of a few years, is optimal, depending on the complexity of your overall landscape design goals. Of course, landscape design is something we will work on with you and will incorporate this into your seasonal and annual strategy.

Winter Lawn Dormancy

Your lawn is dormant during the winter months. The growth of your lawn and most of your plants have slowed down, some grass may be browning, and you might have some bare bushes. When your lawn and landscape come back to life in the warmer months ahead, they are going to need some love if they are going to live up to their potential. If you winterized your lawn before winter, this post should serve as a reminder to keep up the good work. If you haven't exactly been on top of your lawn's needs, this post will help start this year right.

Spring Lawn Growth

Spring lawn care planning is really important. This is the time of year for calibrating your irrigation system, applying fertilizers, and maintenance straw or mulch beds. Trimming may also be required to make way for new growth. This is also a great time to change out seasonal plants and flowerbeds. You should discuss these seasonal landscape design options with your ScenicScape lawn care professionals. We will write more about this in the coming weeks.

Summer Lawn Care

This part of the year presents challenges for your lawn due to the intense heat. This is the reason you want to start your lawn care plan early in the year. Strong growth in the spring ensures your lawn is strong enough to endure the summer without struggling. Longer days and high temperatures may necessitate calibrating your irrigation system. Rapid growth may also require additional work to maintain a neat appearance.

Fall Lawn Preparation

When the weather begins to cool down and winter is closing in, you'll want to use this time to plan for winterizing. End of the year lawn care should include calibrating your irrigation system, bush trimming, and modifying fertilization strategy.

Get Started with Your Annual Lawn Care Planning

Get proactive this year and start your yearly lawn care plan. Contact us today for a free estimate and talk to one of our lawn care professionals about your annual lawn care plan.