Landscaping Your Spring Flower Beds

We are gearing up for Spring on the Emerald Coast. It's the perfect time in Northwest Florida to start your early flower planting. Your seasonal flower beds are ready for a change. Those winter annuals are due for rotation, and it is time to add a fresh variety of colors to your delicately manicured lawn. If you are a vegetable gardener, you know that it is also time to plant warm season vegetables to be ready for harvest in late Spring. Planting herbs in your flower garden will attract gorgeous butterflies during this time of year. We can assist with planning and planting vegetable and herb gardens.

Caring for Your Flower Beds in Spring

Azaleas are in full bloom. You have probably noticed all the beautiful colors cropping up in bushes and trees all over this part of Florida. We are fortunate to have favorable weathers conditions most of the year, so we get to experience early spring. Planning your pruning with ScenicScape is vital to the health of your azaleas and similar plants if you want them to continue reaching their full "bloom" potential. These plants flourish with proper trimming, so it's important to have your landscapers prune any dead branches from your plants so that new growth can appear.

Fertilizing and watering your flower beds properly in early spring will ensure healthy, new growth and blooming throughout the warmer months. Many people make the mistake of overwatering due to dryness. Because of that, you want to be sure to have ScenicScape check your irrigation systems for proper water output.

Planning Your Springtime Flower Beds

Do you have your landscape design planned or do you need some help designing? Our landscape designers will be happy to help determine a good location for your flower beds if you are unsure. We must note that not all soil is good for all types of plants and flowers. Placement around trees and their trunks can stunt the plant's growth. Proper planning will ensure your greenery will continue to look beautiful in the warmer months ahead.

Picking out the species, color and variety you would like to see in your flower beds can be a lot of fun. Due to our climate, we have a vast array of plants and flowers to choose from. Adding a variety of colors will bring an aesthetically pleasing look to your lawn. Our landscape designers will be happy to help you determine a good location for your flower beds if you are unsure of proper placement.

Call ScenicScape for All Your Landscaping Needs

Florida lawns are known for being well manicured and their beauty. With luscious shades of green and a variety of colors your landscaping will be the talk of the neighborhood. Springtime is the perfect time of year to show off your design to your family, neighbors, and friends have a backyard barbecue. We love living in Paradise! At ScenicScape we have all your landscape needs covered. We design, plant, maintain, mow, edge, prune your plants, flowers, and grass and even install and maintain your irrigation system. Give us a call for an estimate and let us get started on your seasonal flower beds and landscaping today!

For more information on seasonal care, please read our previous blog, Your 2017 Lawn Care Plan, or contact us to discuss your seasonal care plan.