Fall Season Lawn Care & Irrigation

October is days away and the importance of water irrigation for your lawn and flowerbeds could probably use some tender loving Lawn Care. Maybe you kept your lawn in good shape over the summer, maybe you didn't. Whether your lawn has been well kept or you left it to wither and die in the hot Florida sun, we can help you get and keep your lawn ready for the Fall season.


Fortunately, in Florida, we are able to plant year-round. As with any foliage, temperature, water amounts, sunlight, and soil conditions all play a part in healthy plant growth. Some of your landscape may require mulch or other bedding products to protect against the cold snaps we do get here occasionally. With proper care, you can have beautiful flower beds as we talked about in a previous blog post.


Most of the rain we receive in Florida is between the months of June and September so the winter months can leave your greenery needing more thorough inspections and may require irrigation calibration. Getting too much or too little water can be detrimental to the lifespan of your plants and grass. Not to mention drying out that winter flower bed you paid us for until it looks like frail little pieces of flower jerky. Don't wait, make an appointment to have your irrigation checked.

Trimming & Pruning

Bushes are also something you want to have trimmed now before it gets too cold. Trimming and pruning now will result in fuller growth once things warm up again. Doing this in the cold months could stunt growth. Trimming now and with regular care, you can have a picture-perfect lawn for the holidays.

General Lawn Care for the Fall

Enjoy the season with a well-manicured lawn and be ready to bring out the Christmas lights. If you aren't already a ScenicScape customer, consider calling us for a free estimate.