Beautiful Holiday Bushes & Shrubs

If you like to hang Christmas lights and decorate your lawn for the holidays, bushes can play a large part in your landscape design. Placement is everything when it comes to landscape design, bushes and shrubs are no exceptions. Plants can be relocated, newly added or some may need to be removed.

Bushes are great as the main attraction or a nice accent or companion in your landscape design and can make a big impact when properly planned for. Discussing your options with one of our landscapers is completely free so don't hesitate to call and make an appointment now.

Seasonal Trimming of Bushes & Shrubs

We mentioned in our last post that fall is a great time to have your bushes and shrubs trimmed. One of the factors of the cooler months of late fall and winter is slower plant growth. When warmer weather returns, they will return with fuller growth. Dense growth helps to strengthen the plant and will help keep your holiday decorations in place.

Regular Irrigation System Checks

Irrigation system adjustments may be needed when making landscape design changes to accommodate your beautiful new yard. Irrigation recommendations can range from adjusting the timing to relocating or even adding sprinklers to your system. Failing to properly irrigate your lawn can end in a lot of wasted effort and investment.

ScenicScape can help you create a beautiful setting for your family over the holidays and every season. Make an appointment now with one of our skilled landscapers to get a free estimate.