Spring Sod Installation and Landscape Design

Sod Installation can add a nice touch to any landscape. This is the ideal time of year to schedule your Spring Sod Installation while the terrain is still a little cool.  We want to remark that it is okay to have sod installation done during the Summer months. During the warmer months, the sod requires more water usage and will need more care and attention. With that being said, Spring and Fall are the optimal times for this type of landscaping because drying out is not usually an issue during these seasons and requires minimal watering.

Planning Your Spring Sod Installation

Our state of the art technology can give you a lifelike look at your lawn before our crew and equipment even touch the ground. With our Landscape Design software, we upload an image of your current lawn. Then we will show you how your property will look when we finish the job. This gives you the chance to see what different types of Sod will look like. You can also choose to add flowerbeds and mulch at this time. Finding the perfect landscape design prior to our work ensures you get exactly what you want. Sod Installation requires some aftercare such as watering and mowing. Our Landscapers can visit your property as much as necessary while your Sod settles and roots into the ground. In our next blog, we will discuss the value of your Irrigation System.

Schedule Your Landscaping

The team at ScenicScape has experience in all varieties of Landscape Design and we feel pride in every job we do. Sod Installation adds a lot of appeal to a dry and boring lawn. If you are ready to enhance your property with new sod and a unique design, Contact Us to schedule a consultation with one of our Landscaping experts. Please follow and like us on Facebook.