Hiring A Professional Landscaper for Winterizing

Winterizing your lawn is a must for anyone who wants to retain a beautiful lawn for the winter months and enter Spring with a lush green landscape. There is a lot to winterizing your lawn and irrigation system that most likely goes beyond what you hear around the water cooler at work or from your green-thumbed neighbor. Having a landscaper can save you worry and time.

Irrigation Systems

Winterizing your irrigation system is important. There are three common ways your landscaper can winterize your irrigation system; the manual drain valve method, the automatic drain valve method and the compressed air blowout method. There are some potential dangers when it comes to winterizing so it is advised to have one of our professional landscapers perform this type of work for you. We not only prepare your system for the upcoming seasons; we install, maintenance and adjust them as well.

Your Foliage

Mulch is a good security blanket for your plants during the colder months. Our expert landscaper will place the mulch properly. We ensure that the roots, trunks and every part of your foliage is protected from winter's harsh conditions. Our landscapers also trim branches. Preparation for the occasional ice storm will also ensure that your perennials come back next year looking healthy and lush. There are also many types of plants and flowers that require care before the winter months.

Additional Winterizing Services

Last but not least, your grass needs additional TLC to prepare for the winter months. Fall is a great time for your landscapers at ScenicScape to fertilize, aerate, mow and rake your lawn preparing it for the cold. We have warm weather grasses that need fertilization before the cold weather to ensure its vitality. This is also essential if your lawn care plan includes seasonal grass. Winterizing your lawn now will also help you prepare for holiday decorations. Contact us today and let's get started with your landscape design and preparation for the cold weather. We offer estimates!