Hurricane Season 2016

As we approach the more active part of the Hurricane season, storm preparation should be a precaution for anyone living near coastal areas and bays. We want you to know that we are ready to help you before and after the storm. We can help prepare your outdoor area to reduce the chance of damage from trees and help clear any fallen debris after the storm passes.

Preparation Is Key

We all know how devastating this situation a hurricane can be and how much of a mess these heavy winds and rain can leave behind. Flying debris from your yard can damage your home in a major storm and present a safety hazard if blown into windows and glass doors. Consequently, any new or young trees will need to be secured into the ground with stakes. Furthermore, hanging baskets and lawn furniture can pose real threats in the midst of a storm. Fountains and any other movable items should be secured. Flooding is also a major concern during a natural disaster of this magnitude.

Hurricane Cleanup

One of the many services we offer is general lawn cleanup before and after a storm. Our trusted team of professionals will anticipate possible dangers in your yard. Then we will also make any necessary provisions and work to keep the area as safe and clean as possible during the storm. Don't find yourself unprepared and vulnerable with disarray after a bad storm. Call us today for an estimate.

Whether you need general upkeep or are ready to completely design new landscaping, we are always here to help. We also set up as well as maintain an irrigation system for your lawn. Pruning and seasonal care is our specialty. Whichever season is approaching, we can advise and assist you with your planting and mulching needs. We offer a variety of services and specialize in all your lawn care needs. Contact us today.